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Welcome to Tech:Nicoll!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

As the title says, welcome to Tech:Nicoll, a brand new podcast available on The Split Screen and Spotify (more platforms coming soon!).

The Tech:Nicoll podcast is hosted by me and my wife Lucy (both Nicoll's, see what we did there) and aims to provide listeners with a look at some of the latest gadgets, tech and games looking to come to the market. For each podcast, we examine various sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Amazon Launchpad and more to find new and exciting products to talk about.

In each episode, we take a look at what makes the product unique or interesting, how it's marketing and finally what sort of prices you can buy in at (if it's a crowdfunded campaign). At the end of each episode we will give you our final verdict and you can, of course, make up your own minds!

So come with us on this gadget infused journey to see what wonderful and whacky new tech the world has to offer!

You can listen to a new episode of Tech:Nicoll each Monday. If you have any suggestions for products to feature on the site, just get in touch with us here.


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