• Alex Nicoll

The preparation 🚧

Welcome to my site 😁. I’m a big gamer and about to become a parent. So this is a chance for me talk through some of the issues us modern kids face when preparing for a baby, and hopefully, a place for me to shed some wisdom.

I’m having a baby, woo! But wait, are those long evening playing games with my wife and mates going to die??? The answer is probably yes, which is a little daunting to be honest. BUT! My mission between now and January (due date) is to make a plan to be the best dad in the world and still find the time to keep up w

ith those sweet games.

So follow me if you're interesting in a journey to juggle a passion with a family. Share with me your tips and tricks, and most importantly, tell me know you can get a baby to sleep as soon as possible!!!


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