• Alex Nicoll

Tech:Nicoll - Episode 5 (WuDusimple)

Picture of the WuDusimple attached to a tap.

Episode 5 of Tech:Nicoll is here!

Saving the environment is a common theme nowadays. With the demand for new innovative products that tackle that problem so high, we see more great solutions to simple issues. This week, Alex and Lucy take a look at the WuDosimple, an attachment for your taps that drastically reduce the amount of water wasted in households and businesses.

Read the product synopsis below:

"Our goal is to help people reduce the waste of water and save money and energy.

Saving water reduces carbon emissions! The emissions are a result of the fossil energy used to pump, process and transport tap water. The energy used to heat water is also immense and can make up to 15% of a housholds energy consumption."

You can listen to Episode 4 of Tech:Nicoll right now on The Split Screen site, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


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