• Alex Nicoll

Tech:Nicoll Episode 2 - ReadJrain

Episode 2 of Tech:Nicoll is here!

This week, we take a look at a product that could not only keep you dry but can also ensure you have both of your hands-free as well. Called the ReadJrain, this Kickstarter campaign is looking to create a wearable harness that allows you to clip in any umbrella. Read the synopsis below:

"The revolutionary system that will allow you to fully enjoy even a rainy day.

“Read-jrain” is the new wearable universal umbrella stand.

Thanks to the adjustable straps it can quickly be adapted to different body types.

“ReadjRain" is also equipped with a patented mechanism that enable you to incline and rotate the umbrella at your leisure.

“ReadjRain” is ideal for all those who needs their hands free also under the rain.


You can listen to Episode 2 of Tech:Nicoll right now on The Split Screen site, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


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