• Alex Nicoll

My Switch, my lifeline ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve come to the realisation that when the baby comes I’ll have less and less time at home to play games.

That’s where the switch comes in. See I commute into London 🚆, which means there is an hour or two a day that I am on the train, completely guilt free time that I can enjoy my favourite past time. Up til this point I’ve been enjoying the switch on the train without truly appreciating how much I’m going to rely on it for my gaming time in the years to come! 😇

So while I explore the ways in which me and my wife can still sit down in the evening and play a few rounds of Overwatch, I’ll also be working the switch more into my routine, maybe even playing it in bed with the baby sleeping soundly next to me… I guess we can dream right? 👍

Got any good switch games you can suggest? Let me know!


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