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Going to a baby show - Top Tips

So you're heading to a baby show eh, and as it's the first time you're going you have no idea what to expect or even what you are going to do when you get there? Well, don't worry, this is what everyone thinks when they go to these things, and no one has the right answers. Baby shows are excellent for taking a look at a vast range of products you didn't know even existed as well as getting to the bottom of the essential stuff. So before you venture to that looming show, here are some top tips to make you a little more prepared.

1. Look at everything

The first time you step into a baby show, you will be surrounded by so many products that it's hard to comprehend where to start! My advice is, don't think about it that much, pick a thing and start talking. Once you get into the flow, you will soon realise what questions you need to be asking and where your interests and demands are taking you. Before long you will have a helpful idea of what products you want to go for and the ones that you can leave for another day.

2. Bring a snack (and locate the chairs)

If you go to one of the bigger shows (like The Baby Show in London), then be prepared to spend a lot of time on your feet looking at everything in sight. These long days get tiring for the men, but especially for the poor women who at this point, be carrying around a bowling ball inside of them! There will be food to buy at these things but often come with a sizable bill. Make sure to bring some snacks and don't worry about taking 10 mins to sit down. Not only will this help recharge your energy, but it will also give you and your partner then chance to compare the things you like.

3. Plan your route home

The first time we went to a baby show, we didn't know what to expect. We'd got the train down to London and planned to get the tube from the show back to Liverpool Street. But what happened? We brought everything! As well as being a lot to lug around, we had the daunting prospect of getting the tube with 20 bags. With a bit of scrambling we managed to get a cab and £30 later we were back at the station. This won't be the same for everyone, but don't assume you can chuck it all in your rucksack and hop on a bus.

4. Don't buy the things you can ask for

While it's tempting to buy everything you need at the show due to their lower prices. It's essential to remember that others will want to buy things for you as well! This may be at the baby shower or when the baby's born. But always think to yourself "Is that a good thing to ask someone for"? Those items whose price tends to be up to £50 are typically the items you can get away with asking for so make sure you don't buy it all yourselves.

5. Think practically, not just aesthetically

Style is important, and you are going to want the things you buy for your baby to fit into the style of your home but also personal style as well. After all, just because you become a parent doesn't mean you don't care about your appearence (or so they say). But, when it comes to a baby, you won't care about getting something that's a little ugly if it saves you 10 minutes at 3 am. Make sure to keep that in mind when you see ten different breast pumps.

There are always variables with each show, but hopefully, you are now ready to march into that venue armed at least with some sort of plan. But remember, enjoy it! It's a fantastic chance to bond with your partner and get excited about how your home will change with this little tinker about to use all of this funky new stuff.


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