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5 Things We Need in Borderlands 3

As a massive fan of the Borderlands franchise, I was foaming at the mouth to get my hands on the latest instalment and see what 2K can bring to a universe that is now full of rich storytelling, quirky humour and maybe a little too much claptrap.

Now that the games been out for a while and hopefully a lot of you have had the opportunity to complete the main story, I wanted to take a look at five things that I would like to see either as patches to the primary Borderlands 3 experience or maybe included in the season pass.


1. Get the main characters in the cut scenes!

While Borderlands has always filled its world with quirky characters, brave heroes and dastardly villains, it fails to immerse the player into the story. Every time the game treats us to a cut scene triggered nearly always by the players' actions, the playable characters are always missing and instead the games relies on its broad hosts of NPC's to provide our attachment.

This disconnect feels 10x worse in BL3 as I never felt that my character existed in their world as a unique character. Choosing the Siren, I thought that my character would be the perfect fit for a game so focused on Siren's powers, but alas, you may as well have had a disembodied gun as a playable character, the game would have treated them the same.

I know there are four characters to choose from, but with other games included entirely generated heroes in cutscenes, it would have gone a long way for Gearbox to add this.

It would have also given more significant value in all of the character customisations! What's the point in me making my character look the way I want if I never see her.

2. Auto open/interact

Opening chests full of sexy loot always feels excited, and the balance of ammo created is also well done, meaning you don't run out of ammo that often, but run around without at least having a look will quickly see you in trouble. The problem I found is having to look quite specifically at boxes to open them didn't feel fluid enough while in combat, and especially afterwards, when you have to run around the whole room looking for the square (on PS4) and pressing it over and over again.

It would have been amazing if Gearbox included an auto-open/auto pick up option in the game, yes it would mean clearing out the inventory more frequently, but it would allow you to get on and enjoy the running around shooting and not looking at every box to see if there is $2 in it. Thank goodness ammo is auto pick up otherwise I would be throwing the controller through the monitor!

3. A more interesting villain?

This one is going to be contentious and don't get me wrong. BL3 has some great bad guys that you can't wait to put down for the right reasons (damn you Private Beans). But for me, I really couldn't get behind Tyreen Calypso. Troy for sure had something going for him, but Tyreen was one note the entire game, yes I wanted to kill her, but only to shut her up.

It's hard to follow on from Handsome Jack, but just because Borderlands is wild and whacky doesn't mean the villain needs to be as well. Troy had a complicated past, always second best to his sister until he tasted real power; you almost felt sorry for him, which made him interesting. Tyreen was just a spoilt brat.

4. Some weapon customisation

Don't get attached to your weapons — best advice I'd had about BL3. With so many weapons in the game, you are bound to come across some you love only to see them become less and less effective. It's this constant switching that makes the games weapons fun to explore while keeping gameplay fresh. Adding in some small elements of customisation, like swapping scoped or elemental damage won't take anything out of the games main USP but will help to make all weapons usable to all players who don't want their new pistol have a sniper scope.

5. Fiona

Tales From The Borderlands was an excellent addition to the Borderlands world, and the best part of the game was the characters that it told its story through. If you've played it, then you will know the ending sees Rhys and Fiona touch the vault of the traveller and disappear. That's it! In Borderlands 3, we see the return of some of those great characters, making the story all that more funny and satisfying. But one character we don't see is Fiona. Rhys is now head of the Atlas corporation but what about his unlikely companion. It would be great to get an idea of what happened to her after the vault opening and where she fits into this new world.

Overall, I'm excited to see what BL3 DLC brings us. Gearbox has a great history with bringing new content to Borderlands games and with a larger host of characters to build on and more worlds to bring us to, the DLC for this game should be WILD!


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